The Team
A team of almost 40 employees makes sure that the work gets done. Besides architects, civil & mechanical engineers, interior designers & administrative professionals, we are among the rare local companies that have invested in our own permanent foremen & field teams: concrete, tiling, plumbing, electricity & painting.

And because we believe in reliability no matter what, we are owners of all our light & heavy-construction machinery & material: cranes, bobcat tractors, diggers, scaffoldings, concrete formwork, compressors, etc…

Mouin Aoun
1960-1964 Graduates as a Civil Engineer from E.S.I.B. (Ecole Superieur des Ingenieurs de Beyrouth).
1964-1970 Starts as a Designer Engineer in Antoine Salameh Office, Beirut. Until 1970, will remain in continuous collaboration with the Salameh Office as Consultant Engineer.
1965-1966 Obtains his degree in Prestressed Concrete from C.H.E.B.A.P. Paris (Centre d’Hautes Etudes du Beton Armé et Précontraint).
1965-1966 Employed in S.E.E.E., Paris (Societé d’Etudes et d’Entreprises Electriques).
1967-1969 Returns to Lebanon, responsible for the prestressed concrete in the Antoine Salameh Office, Beirut.
1968-1969 In collaboration with S.E.E.E., Construction Manager for 20.000 m3 water tank project in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
1970 Opens the Mouin Aoun Office as a general contracting office.
Today Currently the company’s C.E.O.

Sherif Aoun
1991-1998 Graduates as an Architect from A.L.B.A. (Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts).
1996 Joins the Mouin Aoun Office.
1998 Opens the Architecture department.
1999 With increasing projects, establishes the company Mouin Aoun Contracting.
2000 U.S.J. (Université Saint Joseph), Beirut. Training in Human Resources.
2003-2010 Co-founds Woodstock with Ana Larriu, a furniture design studio & shop.
2005 Develops an in-house real-estate department for the company’s own residential projects.
Today Currently the company’s G.M.
Our Work Force
Adora Sleilaty Alexandre Azar Chukri Salibi Colinda Saade Dina Rizk Eid Aad Elie Chamoun Emma El Aily G. Ahmar Georges Nassrallah Hassib Fares Imad Hachem Joseph Mehanna Marie Jose Karam Mouin Aoun Naji Khoury Nazih Daou P. Ibrahim Rania Achkar S. Aad Sherif Aoun Toni Chaoul Tony Haddad Tony Moawad.
Hakim building, Ashrafieh street, facing police station | PO Box 11-9188 Beirut, Lebanon | tel +961 1 200 170 | fax +961 1 200 648 | mob +961 3 182 818